Vario 6 Multi-Function Leash Snap Clip Standard

  • ₱2,600.00

Six (6) Functions in one Leash! 

The Vario 6 really earns the title of a Multi-Function Dog Leash - With six functions built into one leash, it really is the most versatile dog lead available on the market. Both soft and durable, the Vario 6 has been built to last and will help stop your hands getting scraped whenever your dog runs or tugs at the leash. 


The Vario 6 works as both a single and a double dog leash. It converts from a 160cm leash to a 100cm traffic leash. If you would like to run with your four-legged friend, it even works as a Hands Free Leash. Finally, the leash can be used as a short or a long tether if you want to tie your dogs down for a short time.    

A Lite Version for Small Dogs 

This Vario 6 LITE leash has been designed specifically for dogs under 20kgs, with 12mm webbing and hardware that is smaller but still up to the same high quality that you expect from EzyDog. 


  • Multiple functions in a single leash
  • Made from our Proprietary Soft Touch™ Webbing (12mm width for the smaller dogs)
  • Double webbing thickness for extra strength
  • Heavy duty plastic D-Rings
  • Works as both a single dog leash and a doube dog leash
  • Works as a Hands Free leash
  • Soft yet extremely strong and durable
  • Standard Vario 6 multi-function leash fits dogs 40lbs and over (1" wide)
  • LITE Vario 6 multi function leash fits dogs under 40lbs
  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Blaze Orange, Candy, Chocolate, Green Camo