Dogstar Flyer

  • ₱900.00

The Easy Pick-Up Dog Frisbee  

This revolutionary dog flying disc is made for hours of fun and can even handle most of the tugging and pulling that your canine may dish out. It also lands neatly on its "feet", so your dog can quickly pick it up, and this dog toy also folds into fourths so you can put in your pocket. It can also be used in Frisbee dog training. Agility fitness is very healthy for your dog, and he'll love to jump, fetch, bring it back, and spend extra time with you!  This dog Frisbee will delight and excite them, and it flies very far with minimal effort! 


  • An awesome dog flying disc built to last
  • Lands on its "feet" to allow easy pickup for your dog
  • Neatly folds into quarters to fit in the pocket
  • "It Floats" fun for water and land 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a VERY durable retrieval toy. THIS IS NOT A CHEW TOY! For supervised fetch games, you will get miles of fun out of this item.